Finding the Perfect Home For Your Lifestyle: Could It Be Time to Move Up?

Posted by Pal Shergill on May 14, 2020
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Finding the Perfect Home For Your Lifestyle: Could It Be Time to Move Up? Featured ImageYou were happy when you first bought your home, but now some of the shine has worn off as your needs change. Maybe you were always planning to move on to something bigger and better. Does this sound familiar? Now, you’re starting to wonder if it’s time to move up into a new home.

Moving into a new home is a great idea for many families, but it’s not something you should take lightly. After all, planning a move requires a lot of time and consideration. Your new home could also cost a bit more than your current house. Are you ready for those changes?

Answering “yes” to many of these questions is a good sign that you’re ready to find a new home you can feel excited about again.

Is Your Home Feeling Cramped?

A cramped home is the biggest reason why people start to look into moving up into a better home. You might have had more kids than you were planning to have and now want additional bedrooms. Perhaps the kids are just getting bigger and everyone is grumpy because they don’t have their own space to relax. 

Or maybe you just don’t have the space you need to store all of their sports gear. These are all good reasons to move.

However, before you spend the money on a bigger home, you’ll also want to take stock of your belongings. Are you holding on to things you don’t really need? If you did a deep clean and got rid of the things you weren’t really using, would your home have enough space? It’s definitely something to think about.

Finding the Perfect Home For Your Lifestyle: Could It Be Time to Move Up? Traffic ImageHas Your Life Moved?

Most people want a home that’s located close to the things they need for everyday life. In fact, the location was probably one of the big reasons that you chose your current home. Over time, though, things change. If you got a new job, you now might be commuting all the way across town. Or when you bought the home and your child was just a toddler, you had no idea that you’d eventually be driving 40 minutes each way to bring him or her to dance/hockey/gymnastics. Sometimes, when your life changes, you need to change your home as well. 

By purchasing a home that’s closer to the things you need now, you can get an even better home while making things more convenient for yourself. 

Are You Longing for Nicer Things?

Walking through your friends’ new homes, you’re starting to get a little jealous of how nice everything looks. They’ve got things like quartz countertops, ensuites in the master bedrooms, and mudrooms. These types of features that are so popular now weren’t so common in the past when your current home was built. 

Sure, you could remodel your home to include these features, but it costs a lot of money to do this. Once you crunch the numbers on the cost of a remodel versus the cost of building a completely new home, you might see that the new home works out in your favour. 

Finding the Perfect Home For Your Lifestyle: Could It Be Time to Move Up? Community ImageAre You Looking for a Better Community?

Your neighbourhood may not have a lot of problems, but the newer neighbourhoods have a lot of advantages. They’re planned to be perfect for families, and they often have features like paths for safe walking or bike riding, playgrounds and open green spaces for the kids, and beautiful scenery, such as stormwater ponds. 

Put together, this creates a comfortable living environment for your family, and it’s easy to see why some people may want to move. If you like what newer neighbourhoods have to offer, you may want to explore your options.

Would Your Kids Do Better in a Different School?

There are a lot of great schools in Calgary, and you want one that’s a great fit for your child. You could be looking for a French immersion program, a tech-focused program, or a Catholic school, but if those schools aren’t close to your home, your child may not be thriving. When you buy a new home, you could choose the location based on the school that you want. You might even just be interested in a newer school, and you’ll find that in a new neighbourhood. Whatever your reasons, a new home can put you closer to a better school.

There are a lot of reasons why families choose to move up into a better home. The great news is that brand-new homes are more affordable than ever and they offer all of the features you’ve been looking for. Get in touch with us and check out everything that Prominent has to offer today.

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