Summer Home Decor Ideas

Posted by Pal Shergill on May 30, 2019
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summer-home-decor-ideas-sandals-featured-imageSummer is the season for good times and tan lines!

Just the smell of it can make anyone fall in love… Bright sunny days and calm clear skies, there’s nothing you don’t love about this season. One of the best parts about summer is sitting peacefully on your deck while you slurp some delicious margaritas.

This summer, make a little effort and give your home decor the summer feel you would love to cherish. Here are some amazing ideas to get your home “Summer Ready”.

Treat Your Windows Right

To give that cool, breezy and soothing effect to your eyes, hang some flowy white curtains, maybe with a hint of blue, to your windows. You can also bring in some plants to add to a summer colour pallette and a breath of life to the space.

Recommendation: Peace lily and Bamboo palm. These plants not only gives you beachy vibes but are also helpful in purifying the air around them.

Use the Fireplace

No, we don’t mean actually have a fire! You won’t need this cozy little corner for your house for quite some time. However, you can still decorate it. Try adding flowers or light it up with some candles at night.

Recommendation: Choose colours that complement your fireplace, in your flowers or your candles.

summer-home-decor-ideas-flowers-imageDown to DIY

If you are looking for some budget-friendly ideas, don’t fret! Sometimes, it’s the small changes that have the biggest impact, and we have some fun and easy suggestions for you:

  • use fresh flowers and green plants on the tables or in the corners
  • use your soda bottles and fill them up with sand and sea shells
  • hang light-coloured curtains and with some dim lighting around them
  • paint your garden chairs white and blue

Belly Up to the Bar

Summers are for sippin’ and slurpin’! So why not have a bar of your own? All you need is an area where you can display your bar and amp it up with some delicious drinks.

To give it a quirky edge:

  • hang your glasses upside down
  • use some lights to set the mood
  • add a chalkboard to write down the “specials”

Colour in Some Fun

Summer is a great time to add a young and vibrant feeling,  alive by just adding a little something like a bright coloured wall painting or choosing cushions in bold prints. Give little pops in some corners to feel fresh and calm.

Recommendation: Use the bolder versions of pastels to add a visual focal point.

summer-home-decor-ideas-patio-imagePerfection on the Patio

One of the best things about summer is outdoor entertaining, which means you want to make sure your patio is party-ready! Make sure you have a comfortable set, one that lets everyone get in on the conversation. Then add fun pops of colour. You can do this with cushions, in an outdoor-friendly fabric of course, accessories, flower planters - whatever you’d like!

Cool Down in the Evening

Set up a quiet area in your backyard/garden, to make sure you enjoy every bit of the season. Comfy seating is a must. You could try a canopy setting, or an outdoor screened room. You can dress this area up with a theme or keep it simple - your choice!

It’s time you get on your toes and try all or any of these to give them season feel to your home. Stay quirky, fresh and vibrant. Enjoy every bit of it! Happy Summer!

Originally posted October 30, 2017, updated May 30, 2019

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